International Chapters and Cells

International Chapters & Cells

Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR) takes pride in its extensive network of international chapters and cells, creating a global learning environment for our students. These chapters and cells serve as platforms for fostering cross-cultural interactions, promoting international collaboration, and enhancing the global perspective of our students.

Our international chapters are established in collaboration with partner universities and institutions across the globe. These chapters act as hubs for academic exchange, research collaborations, and student mobility programs. Through these partnerships, students have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs, joint research projects, and international conferences, enriching their educational experience and broadening their horizons.

In addition to international chapters, AFMR also has various cells dedicated to promoting specific countries or regions. These cells focus on organizing cultural events, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures that highlight the unique aspects of different countries and provide insights into their business practices, economic trends, and cultural nuances. These initiatives aim to enhance students’ understanding of global business environments and prepare them to thrive in an interconnected world.

AFMR’s international chapters and cells not only facilitate academic and cultural exchange but also provide a strong support system for international students studying at our institution. They offer assistance with visa procedures, accommodation, language support, and orientation programs, ensuring a smooth transition and a comfortable stay for our international students.

Through our vibrant international network, AFMR aims to create global citizens who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity necessary to succeed in a diverse and interconnected world. We believe that these international collaborations and initiatives contribute to a well-rounded education and prepare our students to excel in the global marketplace.

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