Yavnika Hobby Club

Yavnika Hobby Club

Yavnika Hobby Club

Each one of us is gifted and each one of us has a different set of hidden talents. “Yavnika” -Hobby club is an excellent avenue to unwrap these natural gifts & discover our potentials, polish them, embellish them and be a proud beholder of many skills. It’s not about how smart you are, it’s all about how you are smart. Hobby Club draws its inspiration from the Multiple Intelligence faction of the ‘The Eclectic Approach’.

The focus of these club activities is primarily to help the students explore their hidden talents in activities that range from personal cultural hobbies to technical interest.The ‘Hobby Club’ not only helps to bring out the potential of the students but also fosters development in areas such as personality development and inculcating in the students the spirit of learning together. We intend to make students smarter the way they already are. Each individual has a different permutation and combination of the different intelligences he/she possesses.

In today’s world, the pressures and demands on students are phenomenal. Pressure of exams, peer pressure, parental pressure and pressure for career results in tension among the students. This stress prevents them from performing skillful actions which in turn deprives them of the results that they deserve to achieve. For reducing stress, the Hobby Club provides an answer. Hobby is focusing attention on a single thought to the exclusion of all other thoughts under the supervision of the intellect.

Although for a Gyani, Hobby culminates in realizing one’s “True Self,” but at the level of the students, help the children to quiet their strained minds by asking them to focus their attention on their creativity and innovative thoughts, instead of thinking about the events of the day or their future plans. The entire session helps them to relax and be in the present. If the children learn to do selfless actions with love and compassion for all and work towards a higher ideal in life, Club activities would help them to realize their true potential!

According to the Collins Thesaurus the word ‘creative’ has a number of synonyms such as imaginative, artistic, ingenious, original, productive, inspired and inventive. The word ‘expression’ too has synonyms like statement, demonstration, manifestation, verbalization, communication and exhibition.

True to its name, the club has students who are given a platform to exhibit and verbalize their imagination, originality and artistic talents, through a number of activities.  Every student could eagerly and enthusiastically participates in each activity and expresses him/ her beautifully. The students’ talents are sharpened and polished and their creativity is brought to the fore and blooms afresh.

The ‘Yavnika – Hobby Club’ which raises the curtain from the innovative mind of the students, is conducted under the active supervision of the institution by Club committee in the respective fields.

Engaging in a hobby leads to acquiring substantial skills, knowledge and experience. The objective of the Hobby Clubs is to inspire students to pursue a hobby and explore their potential in areas like dance, music, theatre, photography, painting, gardening, etc. The committee shall work towards encouraging student participation in recreational activities, thus providing an opportunity for networking, team-building and personality development.


  • The following are the scopes that the committee aims to accomplish in every academic year:
  • Initiate activities such as Music, Dance, and Dramatics, Photography, Painting etc.
  • Conducting training programs for Dance, Drama and Music
  • Arranging exhibitions for displaying creativity in Painting, Photography etc.
  • Conducting competitions at intra and inter-collegiate levels.
  • Inviting experts to guide students in pursuing hobbies.
  • Promoting students for other state and national level competitions to represent Acropolis.
  • Conducting workshops or training sessions.
  •         Arranging outdoor tours.