Chairman’s Message

Gaining Momentum for Innovation

Our minds are like the sea, deep as our thoughts. Ideas are generated by the mind when it is exposed to knowledge or the environment in exactly the same way as water rises as vapour under the hot sun to create clouds. Ideas are processed to create innovation. Passionate individuals make innovation their life work. The ship of real innovators transforms all storms into a motivating push!

Innovation is the power of creativity at its peak. We are much more creative than we realize. Yet many of us get caught in a humdrum work cycle that doesn’t stimulate our imagination. Imagination is a tool which, if used well, can help you build the palace of a great fortune. Understanding how to use your imagination correctly, and putting this knowledge into practice, for your own and others’ benefit, will put you on the golden path to success. The power of imagination can help us heal earth; build a just society; create contentment; enlighten a human spirit!

The intellect lies in creating a beautiful alchemy of creativity, imagination & adventure & making it gain enough momentum. There is a magic in momentum. Just as a downhill skier starts off slowly at the top of the hill but quickly becomes unstoppable as he progresses down the slope, you can tune momentum to such a degree that it successfully guides you towards the ultimate goal sought.


Gaurav Sojatia