Acropolis NEN CII Intellectual Property Protection Cell

Technology startups are coming of age in India, and technology campuses are not far behind. Students of technology are experimenting with ideas that could spawn a new era of innovation and new technology based ventures. So we can support engineering faculty to  guide students in generating IP for their technology and secure their technology? Building Intellectual Property at Academic Institutes addresses this challenge by helping you integrate technopreneurship and intellectual property management with engineering education on campuses across region.
Acropolis Yi Net under aegis of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with NEN National Entrepreneurship Network has setup the Intellectual Property Protection Centre (IPPC) at Indore,  with state of the art IP  assistance ,promote & facilitate IP activities across the engineering colleges in the state. IPPC Acropolis Indore will focus on Innovators, Academia and communities, in an integrated manner, which is vital for the technical institutes & State both in terms of Industrial growth & overall Socio Economic development. It is a single window for capturing new developments across the institutes & region and assisting them for filing for intellectual property with CII IPFC.
 IPPC Acropolis Indore will render almost all kinds of IPR assistance & preliminary services – like Patents, Copyrights, Designs, Geographical Indications etc . It conducts a number of workshops and programmes to boost IP awareness among academic & startup ecosystem in the region.
There are different forms of Intellectual Properties (IP) and they are largely
a. Patent
b. Protection
c. Collective mark/ trademark
d. Copyright
e. Design
f. Traditional knowledge
Why IPPC :
•    Nurturing Innovation
•    Managing IP
•    Preparing for Technology Transfer
•    Knowledge of the IP Protection Process
•    Tools used in IP
•    Building effective resource
The objectives of the IPP Cell are the following:
(1) Work as a bridge between CII IPFC and University and its affiliated colleges in the region
(2) Advice and guide researchers on the importance of IPR, especially Patents, with the help of NEN & CII IPFC.
(3) Arrange periodic meetings of small groups of faculty members along with officers of NEN & IPFC for identifying patentable inventions
(4) Encourage faculty members to carry out Patent searchers to fine-tune their research.
(5) Assisting & Facilitate clearance from the competent authority for filing patent applications through NEN & CII IPFC
(6) Forward eligible cases of IP for IPRs protection to IPFC
(7) To disseminate information on rules and restrictions relevant to IP protection.
Mission of IPP Cell
• To create awareness and provide guidance to academic and non-academic staff of institutes in the region on the practices and the rules of intellectual property rights (IPRs) specially patent filing with support of NEN & CII IPFC.
• Cell has endeavourer to create understanding about general IPRs like Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Designs, and unconventional rights like Indications, Product Varieties and Topographies of Circuits etc .